African Tattoo Designs

African Tattoo Designs

Many of the African tattoo designs look like the frequently found tribal tattoos, while others are illustrations of a deity worship.

For the case that you are an animal lover, your chosen African tattoo design might be a lion, which stands for strength and power. Elephants, deer and giraffes, are as well favorite animals seen running openly over the African flatlands. Jungle wildlife, along with snakes, can also be associated with African tattoo designs in addition to a variety of water animals.

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African Tattoo Designs

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African Tattoo Designs

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African Tattoo Designs

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African Tattoo Designs African Tattoo Designs African Tattoo Designs African Tattoo Designs

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African Tattoo Designs

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A tattoo gallery featuring the African symbols called Adinkra used in Ghana, West Africa, with an adinkra index and high-quality adinkra images.

Tattoo Johnny Tattoo Wiki: African Tribal Tattoo Art

Date: Friday 10th of April 2009 12:56:44 PM, Content: <p>African tribal tattoo art is among the most unique forms of indigenous tattoo art. While most types of tattooing techniques and designs ultimately originated with the principles of opening the skin and rubbing in some sort of pigment that would remain under the skin after the wound had healed, African tribal tattoo art is actually a texturing process rather than simply a dying or pigmentation process. This makes it not only unique due to...</p>

African Tattoos | African Tattoo Designs

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African Tattoo Designs

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African Tribal Tattoos

More than 300 free African tribal tattoos designs you can choose from.

African Tattoo Designs | African Tribal Tattoos

African tattoo designs and African tattoo flash in the world's largest tattoo collection and gallery

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